General FAQs
  • What are the online services provided by ? is the official portal of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. It is a one stop place to avail the online services provided by the Corporation.

The online services provided are :

Search facility on Birth Verification, Death Verification, Trade License Payments, Engineering Work Status, Registered Contractors, New House Numbers, Building Permission Status

A unique Grievance Redressal System called Parishkruthi to increase the transparency and efficiency in the system.

Information about the Corporation, Budget, Citizens' Charter, Building Permission Procedure, Building Fee Details, new FSI Policy, Rationalisation of House Numbers, Properties on Lease and such other information.

Application forms for Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Self Assessment, License for Advertisement, Building Application Form, Building Construction Permission, Balika Samriddhi Yojana, Thrift & Credit Application Form, Transfer of Property etc. can be downloaded from the net.

FAQs on Engineering Works
  • What is meant by "Engineering Works" ?

Engineering works are the ongoing works in the various localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for the betterment of facilities and quality of life of the citizens. The Engineering works may involve construction of roads, under drains, sewerage drains, parks etc.

  • How is WIN number generated ?

WIN stands for Work Identification Number which is a unique number alloted to each work.
WIN is a 16 digit no.
    -First 2 digits indicate the current year.
    -4th to 6th digit indicates the locality code.
    -8th to 12th digit indicate the Budget code.
    -Last three digits indicate the Serial number.

Example :02-001-20245-001

FAQs on Grievance
  You can give a grievance/complaint to GHMC online through or you can give your grievance/complaint at the Citizen Service Center at the Head Office, Tank bund
  How to know the status of the Grievance/Complaint?
  You can view the status of the Grievance online by providing the Grievance Reg. No. The details of the action taken and with whom the Grievance is currently with can be viewed.
  What does the Grievance Reg. No. indicate?
  The first 2 digits indicate the year the grievance/complaint was given and the next 3 letters indicate the department with which the grievance/complaint is associated, the last 4 digits being a serial no.
FAQs on Property Tax
  • How is my PTIN No. generated?
   PTIN is a 10 digit number
    First number is common for all circles
    2,3 digits circle number
    4,5 digits Revenue wards
    the last 5 digits is the serial No.
You can pay your Property tax in any of the eSeva centers located in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

  You can also pay your Property tax at GHMC Citizen service centres.
  Annual Tax is Calculated as 3.5 X Total Plinth Area in Sft X Monthly Rental Value per Sft in Rs.
FAQs on Trade Licenses
  • How is my TIN number generated ?

TIN stands for Trade Identification Number which is a unique number alloted for each Trade License.
TIN is a 12 digit no.
    -First 3 digits indicate the ward code.
    -5th to 7th digits indicate the *Minor Code.
    -Last four digits indicate the Serial number.

Example :093-074-1597

* Minor Code represents the code of a minor work which comes under a Major work category.

  Trade License Fee can be paid in any of the eSeva centers located in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
  How to pay my Trade License Fee if I do not know my TIN number?

You can log onto the website, and search for your TIN number based on your locality, circle, ward, Door No., Title of Trade or Type of Trade.

You can also go to the Citizen Service Center located at GHMC Head Office, Tankbund to know your Trade License Number.

FAQs on Town Planning

If the Building is upto 10m of height, the requirements are listed Here

If the Building is above 10m of height, the requirements are listed Here

  • How can I know the charges for issue of licenses and permissions?
  The Schedule of fees and charges can be got Here
  • How to pay the charges?

On the scrutiny of the application, the stipulated charges have to be paid at the Citizen Service Center at MCH Head Office in the form of cash / DD.

FAQs on Births and Deaths Registration

The event of birth or death is registered only in the circle/ward of occurrence. In case of events occurring in houses, the head of the family or close relative has to inform local registrar of birth and deaths.

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